More than Logistics...
Integrated Logistics.

Clover Group breaks all standards.

Experience. Specialization. Commitment.

We have over 50 years of experience.

Our group offers professional integrated logistics and international transportation services tailored to fit your needs, with a Global Vision: “Always On Time”.

Our Story


We began operations in Venezuela as a National and International moving company, gaining wide recognition in the business.


We expanded our field of action incorporating multimodal transportation and international freight consolidation services.


We opened our offices in MIAMI (Clover Systems LLC), offering:
  • Customs Services
  • Air and Ocean Logistics with Storage Capacity.
  • International Packing Services
  • Industrial Projects


In Venezuela, we entered the warehousing of inactive file and digitalization of documents by way of Clover File C.A


In Venezuela, we established our own network of warehouses (Cloveral C.A) in the main ports and airports of the country, offering services such as custom warehousing facilities and general cargo warehousing


We began operations at our Houston Offices (Clover International LLC), dedicated to general cargo and special and industrial logistics projects for the oil industry.


We launched offering a fleet of car carrier trucks (Autotrans C.A) to transport “zero mile” vehicles from assembly plants to car dealership, and also we began providing, since 2.010, inland transportation services


We merged into what we are today: Clover Internacional, C.A, becoming a sound company in the service of Integrated Logistics.


We expanded our international presence by opening offices in the Netherlands, China, Brazil and Panama


We have a global presence in the most important commercial areas with office in the US, The Netherlands, Panama, China, Brazil, Venezuela and trade partners around the world

Philosophy and Mission

We are dedicated to offering excellence
in integrated logistics services.

Implementing the perfect balance of resources, manpower, processes, infrastructure and technology, pursuing the improvement of the service provided and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Also, we continuously promote the specialization of the workforce, the technological development, the implementation of environmental protection policies, social responsibility and with a fair share on returns of the corporation.

Why Clover?

Because we are a multimodal company, specialized in the organization of integrated logistics.

Certainly, we are a commercial ally who is constantly seeking to provide solutions that maximize the cost/benefit ratio, this is why we offer:

  • Tailored service.
  • Wide recognition.
  • Experience as an Integrated Logistics Service company.
  • International presence (USA, Netherlands, Brazil, China, Panama and Venezuela).
  • Network of agents and allies that assure our presence in the main trading centers around the world.
  • We are competitive.
  • Personalized service.
  • Freight tracking.
  • Quality Management System: ISO 9001.

These are our organizational values:

  • Commitment.
  • Loyalty.
  • Organization.
  • Verity.
  • Ethics.
  • Respect.

Clover Miami

We specialize as an intermodal freight operator with vast experience in freight handling and consolidation to and from strategic points worldwide. We are a company that offers door-to-door logistics services tailored to meet your particular needs.


Large storage areas (10,000 m²), adequately equipped to ensure safe and reliable operations in compliance with high service standards, optimizing our performance.

Worldwide Presence

With our extensive network of allies, we guarantee our services, to and from anywhere around the world, always “on time” and with professional handling of your supply chain.


Our processes backed by cutting-edge technology guarantees real-time information and complete traceability of operations.

Services Offered by Clover Miami

  • International Freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Storage
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Transportation and Distribution of Goods
  • National and International Moving
  • Specialized Transportation for Fairs and Exhibitions

We are licensed to operate as Air and Ocean freight handlers and Non-vessel Operating Common Carriers (N.V.O.C.C.), with extensive skills in storage and packaging. We specialize in National and International Moving with bilingual, knowledgeable, and experienced staff. Personalized customer service, exclusively dedicated and flexible, ensuring an immediate and accurate response. 1910 N.W. 97th Avenue, Miami, FL. 33172 | Tel: 305-592-4300 | Fax: +1 305-392-2413 | e-mail:

Clover Houston

More than 25 years ago, together with our office in Miami, we became one of the leading agents in freight consolidation, packaging and delivery to any location in the United States, Latin America and the rest of the world. We are specialists in handling logistics and industrial projects for the oil, energy and gas sectors. We have the capacity to move oversized and extra-heavy goods and equipment.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Large storage areas, more than 70,000 m² at your disposal. With our state-of-the-art equipment we guarantee a punctual handling with no damages.

Industrial and Logistics Projects

Our vast experience in handling complex and high impact operations allows us to guarantee the success of your projects. Sound expertise in management and control of industrial projects with high demand for precision and handling of details.

Personalized Service

Always aimed at offering quality service that is flexible and adequate to the needs of our customers. With our innovative solutions we make integrated logistics a high performance experience.

Services Offered by Clover Houston

  • Management of Logistics and Industrial Projects
  • International Freight
  • Customs Brokerage
  • National and International Moving
  • Storage
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Specialized Transportation

We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Our philosophy is to offer a personalized service according to your needs with staff submerged in Project Management, providing an immediate and accurate response to your requirements, in addition to reliable and accurate information in real time. Houston (Texas): 14134 Vickery Dr, Houston, TX 77032 | Tel: 281-449-9700 | Fax: 281-449-1630 | e-mail:

Worldwide Offices

  • The Netherlands
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Panama

The Netherlands

Our gateway to Europe, allows us to consolidate goods to and from any of the major and commercial centers of the world.

We offer a vast experience in air & ocean consolidation, international freight, freight storage, adequately equipped facilities and highly qualified staff committed to quality service.

Clover Logistic Services B.V.
Contact: Bart Kuijper
Brandenburgboan 2G,
3045 AK Rotterdan
Rotterdan Airport
The Netherlands
T: +31 (10) 26-88020
M: +31 (0) 6 46193416


We have bilingual staff with vast experience in handling freight operations.

Our strategic presence in China allows us to establish a channel to and from the Asian market, managing vessels, aircrafts & charters for the handling of over-sized, extra heavy freight and pipelines. This capability allows us to establish an optimum logistics network between suppliers and customers.

Clover Internacional LLC
Contact: Yilei Wang
Shanghai Representative Office
China, 222 Hubin Road,
One Corporate Avenue Building,
1st Tower, 15F-Office 1529
Luwan District, Shanghai 200021, China
T: 86 021 6122 1033
F: 86 021 6122 2418


Is our connection with the largest industrial producer in Latin America and principal supplier of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur). Our air, ocean and land freight operations allow an efficient handling of your inventories.

With our knowledgeable staff managing your supply chain, we add value to your operation.

Clover Brasil
Contact: Danielle Grandini
Global Manager
Rua Visconde de Inhaúma, 58 Sl 208
Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20.091-007
T: +55 21 2263 2048 | +55 21 2263 2623
+55 21 2253 0507 | +55 21 2253 0565
+55 21 2263 4061


Our capacity to store and consolidate freight in an area close to the most important Free Trade Zone of the Americas, allows us to ensure optimal handling of shipments between the Asian and American continents, with a significant reduction in the costs associated with international logistics.

We have competent, bilingual and professional staff, specialized in handling consolidated freight.

Main Office and Warehouse:
Contact: Dayana Blanco
Calle 24 de Diciembre, vía Panamericana
Ofibodegas N° 23 y 24
Panama City, Panama
T: (+507) 302 6611