Total approach to Logistics Solutions.

We analyze your supply chain to add value to each of its links, by using smart solutions that optimizes your business.
We add value by offering you the following:

  • International Freight
  • Customs
  • Storage of Goods
  • Inland Transportation

We also specialized in household goods, personal effects and warehousing of inactive files, as well as digitization of documents.

Learn about our main services

Try our Integrated Logistics capabilities

We manage and monitor all stages of the process in a single organization.

We ensure the control and storage of your inventory providing you with updated information from origin to consumption point.

Our objectives are:

  • Intelligent handling of inventories through the planning and control of each link in the supply chain.
  • Design, implementation and execution of a system of processes that optimizes the supply chain.
  • Ensuring the reduction of costs and delivery times.
  • Providing real time information, improving the visibility of the processes.
  • Managing purchase orders.
  • Tracking your shipments.
  • Connecting all the key components of the supply chain with the most efficient technology.
  • Use of our own infrastructure and resources.
  • Competent, highly qualified and committed consultants.

Give our Project Logistics capabilities a try

We have mastered the handling and international transportation of over dimensional and overweight projects.

We have vast experience in the following sectors: Oil, Gas, Energy and Mining.

In this area, we are at the forefront offering:

  • Transportation to the job site.
  • Viability studies.
  • Mobilization of special equipment.
  • Status reports of your freight in real time.
  • Technical assistance and supervision in the field.
  • Design and implementation of the international integrated logistics, from any place of origin to any destination in the world.
  • Full or partial, air or ocean charters of break bulk cargo.
  • Multimodal, air, ocean and inland transportation with transatlantic ships and barges, included.
  • To summarize, the complexity involved in the safe mobilization of your project cargo is in the hands of only one company.

Try out our Moving capacity with personal effects and office equipment.

National and international moving

We are experts in door-to-door, national, local and international moving services from the point of origin to any destination. Additionally, we provide high-quality packaging and reliable staff.

This service includes:

  • Expert bilingual consultants, who will accompany you throughout your moving process.
  • International fully comprehensive insurance policy.
  • Repatriation programs.
  • Pre-shipment planning.
  • Specialized packaging with quality materials.
  • Customs processes at the place of origin and destination. Imports and exports.
  • Safe and reliable facilities of our own to store your goods or belongings.
  • Time and resource optimization.
  • Competitive prices to exploit your resources.
  • Immediate attention and solution of complaints.
  • High-quality packaging materials.
  • Moving of over-sized pieces.
  • Presence in the most important cities of Venezuela, Miami and Houston.
  • Worldwide network of moving agents with wide recognition (FIDI, LACMA, AMI).
  • Detailed counseling with information of the country and their corresponding customs processes.
  • Use of modern equipment of handling of personal effects.
  • Installation of protective surfaces.
  • FIDI FAIM International Quality Certification.
  • Transportation of art, pianos, safe deposit boxes, vehicles, etc.
  • Unpacking and debris removal.
  • Import and export customs processing.

Office Relocation:

We specialize in the mobilization and relocation of offices and staff: Transfer of equipment and office furniture. From a small office, to large facilities.

We constantly work with the objective of offering you the best service, which includes:

  • Active participation in planning and counseling of your move.
  • Coordination and team work with the personnel assigned by the client.
  • Competent staff.
  • Provision of the required packaging materials.
  • Packaging of decorative objects, computer equipment, books, furniture, etc.
  • Transfers in adequate vehicles.
  • Relocations in your new facilities.
  • Unpacking and assembly of your belongings at destination.

Our services give us the ability to guarantee a smooth transfer during your relocation.

We accept PayPal, Credit Card, Venmo, Apple Pay, transfers and checks.

Try our Warehouse Service capabilities

Smart management of warehouses and distribution centers.

This service is totally dedicated to offering the best solutions for the storage, custody and safekeeping of the goods of our customers. We assure reliability and safety in the handling of your goods in a quick manner.

We have adequate facilities and the capacity to provide services, such as:

  • Flexible services for storage and distribution based on your needs.
  • Latest innovation in technology that allows you to visualize your inventories in real time.
  • Cross docking.
  • Management and administration of purchase orders.
  • Indoor – Outdoor spacious warehousing capabilities.
  • Facilities to manage, loading and unloading of containers and trucks.
  • Container Freight Station (CFS) / In-Bond Export Consolidation (IBEC).
  • Custom Bonded warehouse.
  • Handling of containers 20′, 40′, 45’ and LCL.
  • Transfers from the port or airport to our warehouse.
  • Special equipment to manage your freight needs (forklift, cranes, pallet jack, etc).
  • Security systems, access control and modern equipment of your merchandise.
  • Distribution of finished products and handling of raw materials.
  • Client inventory management.
  • Storage of refrigerated products such as medicines at our facilities in La Guaira , Venezuela.
  • Primary assembly.
  • Boxing and packaging.
  • Commercial distribution.

Try our Ground Transportation capacity

We offer comprehensive solutions for safe and reliable ground transportation, through a wide range of equipment, aimed at delivering goods on time and without damage.

We specialize in general cargo transportation, industrial projects, both over dimensional, overweight and “zero kilometer” vehicles.

In addition, we have our own fleet of vehicles to provide over the road transportation service:

  • Trailers (48’- 53’)
  • Flatbed
  • Cargo vans
  • Chassis
  • Low boy
  • Box truck (16’ – 26’)
  • NPR
  • Pick up truck

In addition, to ensure the correct operation of the process, we offer the following services:

  • Real time information.
  • Location of your cargo at any time via GPS systems.
  • FCL and LCL to and from ports and airports.
  • Strong platform using advanced technology under the SAP system.
  • Transfer of over dimensional and overweight freight.
  • We deal with all the formalities and permits necessary for the relocation of your goods.
  • We offer cross docking services with our own and affiliated fleet.
  • Transportation and distribution of products of mass consumption.

We move and transport “0 Km” vehicles.

  • Specialized equipment for the safe transfer of vehicles such as platforms, car-carriers, towtrucks, single decker, double decker, etc.
  • Leader in transportation of “Zero kilometer” vehicles. More than 25 years managing the distribution of vehicles assembled in Venezuela.
  • Secure loading and unloading of “0” Km vehicles and roadside assistance to all point in Venezuela.
  • Experienced staff in loading, lashing and unloading of vehicles.
  • Managing of freight yards within your facilities.
  • Transfer of imported vehicles from ports to any location.

Try our Document Storage and Digitization capacity

At Clover File we design system solutions for the storage of physical and digital documents.

This service allows you to optimize the space, time, costs, resources, accessibility, protection and preservation of your documents.

You choose how you wish to store your documents, either physically, digitally or even in the cloud. To achieve this, we offer:

  • Advice in the management of file storage.
  • Storage of physical files.
  • Digitization of documents.
  • Microfilming.
  • Specialized personnel for in-house services.
  • Rapid messenger service at a national level.
  • Services of detachment and destruction of documents.
  • Specialized boxes for documents and drawings, reinforced to hold up to 25 kg.
  • Storage of data in the cloud or Clover Cloud.
  • Infrastructure designed exclusively for storing documents.
  • Identification and location traceability of documents.
  • Cost effective and administration of the space.
  • Strict inventory control through our SAP system.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Configuration of documents to digital format upon request.

Storage of physical files:

  • Modernized infrastructure.
  • Temperature and humidity control.
  • 24-hour security system monitoring.
  • Maintenance and fumigation control.
  • Detailed control system of all the material that enters and leaves the warehouse.
  • Protected by fire alarm systems.

Storage in Clover Cloud:

This Clover service’s supports digital information securely in the “Cloud”.

Allows you to manage the stored information from any internet connection in a safe and fully reliable way.

We provide a secure back-up of critical, sensitive, and confidential information in the reliable repositories of Hewlett-Packard Autonomy:

  • LiveVault: Backup service / Information recovery for servers.
  • TurboRestore: Computer that performs local storage cache for rapid recovery of “Critical Servers”.
  • Connected Backup: Connected backup: Backup service / Information recovery for final user computers.

Digitization of Documents:

We transform your physical documents into digital images.

In this manner, we prevent loss of records.

Managing your documents quickly and easily, you will be able to locate them immediately and optimizing your space.

Know our services:

  • We digitalize documents in our facilities or in your offices.
  • Organization and indexing of documentation.
  • Immediate access to millions of stored documents.
  • No loss of documents.
  • Security and access limitations.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Optimization of physical space and paper saving
  • Collect and organization of documents in any region of the country.
  • Review – Organization – Classification –Structuring of your database .
  • Scan of documents – Data transcription (indexing): Manual and OCR.
  • Improvement of the image quality and reading of the information.
  • Construction and backup of the image database for immediate access.
  • Storage of information chosen by the customer.
  • Powerful Document Manager (Alchemy).

Complementary Services

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  • International Freight
  • Customs
  • Permits
  • Trade Shows
  • Clover Pack

Try our Air, Ocean and Inland Freight Forwarding.

For goods of any type, size or weight, we offer a wide range of ocean (FCL and LCL), air and inland services to and from any place in the world.

Thanks to our strategic alliance with different global logistics companies we can offer different options of freight transportation with competitive rates, excellent cost-benefit relation and itineraries to fit your needs.

In this area we will guarantee:

  • Experience, knowledge and expertise in freight logistics management.
  • Comprehensive, flexible service tailored to fit the needs of each client.
  • NVOCC License, Clover Marine, which offers consolidated LCL services and direct shipping, from the main ports of the USA, Europe, Asia and the Americas.
  • Capacity to transfer cargo of any size and weight with the more reliable airlines, to and from any part of the world. Charters.
  • Consolidation of air, ocean and Inland freight.
  • Multimodal transport.
  • Logistics for the import and export of goods.
  • Handling of Dangerous Goods.
  • Hand air carrier.
  • Global capacity with shipping companies, airlines and over the road transport.
  • Solid technological platform and infrastructure to meet the transport requirements with proven service guarantee.
  • Door-to-Door insurance for your merchandise, for freight handled by air and by sea. Coverage over the value of the goods + nationalization costs or tariffs.


  • Bookings with carriers and pickups.
  • Shipment pre-planning.
  • Special packaging design for exports.
  • Repackaging, relabeling, among others.
  • Inspection of goods.
  • Flight and ocean bookings.
  • Export formalities.
  • Alert and shipment confirmations.
  • Freight tracking and status.
  • Management of purchase orders from customers, tracking and status.
  • Document preparation and distribution.
  • Delivery verification.
  • Time lines, shipment status and delivery reports.
  • Notifications of shipment visibility via Internet.
  • Storage and hauling.
  • Shipping service for export.
  • Handling of dangerous goods.
  • Hiring of Air & Ocean Charters, to meet your needs.
  • Inspection of goods.
  • Import and export customs packaging service.

Try our capacity regarding Sea, Air and Land Customs (Brokerage).

We meet your needs by means of comprehensive and innovative solutions in customs management, which result in expeditious nationalization.

Certainly one of the key links in the supply chain, which ensures the delivery of materials in the exact time you require. That is why we put the necessary resources and our vast experience at your disposal, to ensure a customs clearance process with no delays or additional costs.

Get to know our process:

  • Data processing.
  • Classification and Assessment.
  • Reduction of nationalization times.
  • SAP technological platform for comprehensive handling of the customs cycle.
  • Control of special permissions such as CAU, MEIV, In-Bond, temporary admissions, import authorizations, others.
  • On-line processing of tax payments through the banking system.
  • Assistance in tariff classification and customs valuation.
  • Experts in imports and exports of materials and equipment for the use of the oil industry.
  • Management and resolution of customs discrepancies.
  • Consultancy regarding imports, exports, transit and customs regulations.
  • Service Delivered Duty Paid (DDP).
  • Presence through our offices in the main customs offices of the country.
  • Customs Tariff Database in force.
  • Application and processing of special regimes:
    • Simple Temporary Admission (AT).
    • Simple Temporary Export (ET).
    • Temporary admission under inward processing arrangements (ATPA).
    • Temporary export under inward processing arrangements (ETPA).
    • Re-export of goods.
    • In-Bond regime.

Try our capacity regarding consulting, processing and obtaining permits for imports.

Discover our main services to guarantee your satisfaction:

  • Sencamer.
  • Certificates of non-national production.
  • Certificates of origin.
  • Documents of tariff classification.
  • Tariff classification.
  • Import authorizations.

Try our capacity regarding Exhibitions and Trade Shows.

Make use of our expedited services, if you need presence at trade shows and exhibitions.

Certainly our staff is highly qualified to satisfy all your individual needs.

All services are carefully monitored, from pick-up, until final delivery, reducing time, avoiding delays and ensuring on-time delivery, placing you directly in the exhibition.

Our services include:

  • Air Freight
  • Ocean Freight
  • Follow-up of material
  • Direct Delivery to the Trade show
  • Deliveries on Weekends
  • Pick-up and delivery to and from the place of work
  • Direct contact with exhibitors
  • Separation of the material at the exhibition site
  • Disassembly of booths at the exhibition

Personalized, professional and timely services,
with a global presence and in the most commercial areas of the world.